Control” meaning “контроль”; “destructive

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Translator’s False Friends

The translation is always extremely responsible business. In foreign languages there are words which can mislead translators and do their texts inaccurate, ambiguous or punning. Chance friends of the translator of English are words which need to be known, and it is important to respect them, because if you ignore their existence, then it is possible to be trapped.

You could hear different names such as misleading words (of foreign origin), deceptive cognates, chance friends, translator’s false friends etc., but what do we mean by all this names?

False friends refers to a pair of words that look similarly based on the way they are written and pronounced, but actually have different meanings.

First let’s take a look at some easy examples (these words which are translated as well as sound):

  • control” meaning “контроль”;

  • destructive” meaning “деструктивный”;

  • laser” meaning “лазер”;

  • “ spin” meaning “спин”;

However, sometimes things are a little more complicated and that were “translator’s false friends”, for example

  • academic” in value “академический”, to tell "акaдемик" we are need to us use the word “academician”;

  • plaster” not to be translated as “пластырь” (“bandaid”), it’s use like a “замазка”;

  • rehabilitation” meaning “возвращение к нормальному состоянию (return to the normal state)”, not “реабилитация” in sense “оправдание (excuse)”;

We can classify these words by the sphere in which they are used. Words related to this category can by divided into several groups, generally such groups can be more, but here are presented two main. It’s :

  • Worlds similar on Russian, but differ from them by meaningfully (by value):

  • affect”  meaning “ действовать на”, “влиять на” never “аффект” (temporary insanity)

  • complexion” meaning “цвет кожи/лица” never: “комплекция” (build, body type)

  • corpse” meaning “труп”; nevermilt. “корпус” (corps); 

  • detail” meaning “подробность”; nevermech. “деталь” (part); F.e.: to go into details = вдаваться в подробности; auto parts = автодетали

  • doze” meaning “дремота, дряблость”; never: “доза” (dose);

  • lunatic” meaning “сумасшедший”; never: “лунатик” (sleep-walker);

  • preservative” meaning “консервант”; never: “презерватив” (condom);

  • Words which are "chance friends" only for separate values:

  • base” meaning “низменный”, “подлый”; BUT  base hospital  =  базовый госпиталь ;

  • business” meaning special. zoo.” стая хорьков” (a business of ferrets);  помимо: “бизнес”;

  • climax” in close meaning “оргазм”;  never:  “климакс”  (menopause,  climacteric);

  • matron” meaning “старшая медсестра”, “кастелянша”; besides: “матрона”;

  • assimilate” meaning “усваивать” (food); not only: “ассимилировать”;

  • physian” meaning “врач-терапевт”, not “физик

Also, we can divide all these words on:

  • Anatomic and histologic terms:

  • canal” meaning phys. “канал”, “проход”; never: “TV channel”, “канал связи” (channel)

  • scalp” meaning “кожа черепа” (обычно у живого человека, и неповреждённая); not only: “скальп“;

  • iris “ meaning “радужная оболочка глаза”; “диафрагма”;  besides:  botan. “ирис”; never: “ирис” (конфета);

  • gland” meaning “железа”;never: “гланда” (tonsil);

  • Clinical terms. Belong to them: pathological state, symptoms, prophylaxis methods, inspection, treatment diagnostics etc.

  • lethargic” meaning “вялый”,”апатичный”; not only:  летаргический;

  • angina” также “стенокардия”, not only “ангина” (tonsillitis);

  • Pharmaceutical nomenclature:

  • ammonia” meaning “аммиак”; never: аммоний (ammonium);

  • benzene” meaning “бензол”; never: бензин (brit. petrol,  amer. gasoline)

  • heroine” meaning “героиня”; never: героин (heroin);

  • spirt” meaning “рывок, струя”, not “спирт” (alcohol);

  • gasoline” meaning “бензин”, never: “газойль”(gasoil);

It won’t be correct not mention in this report about so phenomenon as the literal translation or literalism.

Literalism — the mistake at the translation from other language which is instead of a word meaning, suitable for this case, is used the principal or most known value.

For instance:

  • solid state” can translate not only like “твёрдое тело”, but like a “полупроводниковый”;

  • solution”  can use in sense “решение”, but in close meaning “раствор”.

  • attack” not only “атака”, in special value “heart attack”- “сердечный приступ”

In conclusion I want to tell you let's learn an English with even larger effort that never to get into awkward situations.

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