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ІІ. Say what study or trail is defined below

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ІІ. Say what study or trail is defined below.

  1. A study in which inferences are drawn or hypotheses tested through observational methods. Two common varieties are the descriptive study, where events are simply observed and described as they take their natural course, and the analytic epidemiologic study, which does not include any intervention or experimentation.

  2. A widely used method of observational epidemiological study; an application of medical history-taking that aims to identify the cause of disease among a group of people, or the cause-effect relationships of a condition of interest.

  3. A longitudinal study of the same group of people (the cohort) over time.

  4. A clinical trial in which the participants are assigned randomly (by chance alone) to different treatments.

  5. A method of providing experimental therapeutics prior to final regulatory agencies approval for use in humans. This procedure is used with very sick individuals who have no other treatment options.

  6. Trials that look at substances and lifestyle factors that may raise or lower the risk of developing some diseases.

  7. Trials that study methods to diagnose a disease in its early stages when it is often more curable.

  8. Trials done to look for the best methods of finding out if a person has a disease, or

to accurately determine the stage of a disease that is present.

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