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Discuss the following clinical trial facts and figures

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Discuss the following clinical trial facts and figures.

  • One recent study of 494 US hospitals has shown that institutions that participate in clinical trials report lower mortality (deaths) from heart attacks, leading researchers to conclude that patients treated at hospitals that participate in clinical trials receive better quality of care and achieve better health outcomes than those treated at non-participating organizations.

  • Studies have shown that while 44% of people find out about studies through the media, only 14% gain the information from their physicians.

  • One study showed that 10% of volunteers did not look at the informed consent before signing it; 18% signed without input from their personal physicians, nurse, family member, or trusted individual; and 70% reported that, at the onset of the informed consent process, they did not know what questions to ask.

  • Most adult cancer patient who participate in clinical trials say that a physician had a great deal of influence on their decision to participate.

  • Even though most people don’t rely on their physicians for information, 78% of the public say the physician is their most trusted source of information.

  • More than half of respondents would have greater trust in clinical research information if the results were made available on a public website registry.

  • Only 7% of Americans say that their doctors have ever suggested that they participate in a clinical study.

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