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Did you participate_ in scientific research when you were a student?

  1. Make questions to which the words in bold type are the answers.

  1. In The Canon of Medicine in 1025 A.D., Avicenna wrote a precise guide for practical experimentation in the process of discovering and proving the effectiveness of medical drugs and substances.

  2. One of the most famous clinical trials was James Lind’s demonstration in 1747 that citrus fruits cure scurvy.

  3. Frederick Akbar Mahomed made substantial contributions to the process of clinical trials during his detailed clinical studies of hypertension.

  1. The British Medical Association collected data from physicians practicing outside the hospital setting and was the precursor of modem collaborative clinical trials.

  2. In 2001 the editors of 12 major journals issued a joint editorial on the control over clinical trials exerted by sponsors.

  3. In September 2007 the Institutional Review Board in Bamako, the capital of Mali, finally approved plans for a clinical trial of LDN in people who are HIV- infected. (Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) is a safe, inexpensive, yet underused drug that is extremely beneficial for people with conditions marked by immune system dysfunction).

  4. In 2008 researchers of Cardiff University successfully completed the first clinical trials on a new investigational drug being developed to treat infections caused by Hepatitis C.

  5. In May 2007, the Department of Psychiatry of Summa Hospital System of Akron, Ohio announced a new scientific study of the effects of treating multiple sclerosis with low dose naltrexone.

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